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Trash the dress shoots are my favorite.  I just love to break the boundaries to get that crazy shot, even If I have to end up in the water all the way up under my chin, been there, done that!

This is a bit more expensive than other shoots because it is very risky going into the water with my camera and gear, but worth it all the way. I will do my very best to get that insane photo

that everyone will talk about forever.

TRASH THE DRESS  0013_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0012_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0011_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0010_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0009_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0008_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0007_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0006_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0005_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0004_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0003_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0002_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0001_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography

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